How to Get Pregnant Faster – Advice From a Real Mom

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There comes a point in a couples lives where they both sit down and decide “ok we want to get pregnant”, and then comes the point (very shortly after) where they have to sit there and ask themselves….”but can we?” If you’re a couple who’s been surprised with a pregnancy, than you’ve already been blessed with the gift of easy conception! 🙂

In the modern world we live in today, it has become obvious that more and more couples are having a more and more difficult time getting pregnant (حوامل) and conceiving. Leaving many couples wondering how to get pregnant faster…or for that matter, even conceiving at all. Of course I can’t give you the answer on whether or not you can and will end up finally getting pregnant, but what I can do for you is help you along the way, and give the tips, advice, and support of a mother who’s gone through it all before, and knows what can help and what simply doesn’t work. I can also say from experience, that just because doctors, friends or family say it’s time to give up hope, or that it just darn near impossible to get pregnant faster, or conceive at all, doesn’t mean that it’s all the case.

I want to mention that before I go any further into this article that I can not possibly provide you with all the answer you seek from one short article alone, so please do look through my author profile to find many more articles regarding this specific topic we’re talking about today and many others on pregnancy and conception.

Something to consider when trying to get pregnant faster…

Probably one of the most overlooked and important issues when one is trying to conceive, is the natural ph and bacteria balance within the vagina itself. Remember that your body has a natural way of keeping things in line and working properly, and if you mess it up, then you’ll find it much harder to conceive and get pregnant.

The natural and healthy bacteria that live within your vagina actually act as shield or fortress against other harmful bacteria and fungi. In fact, the leading cause of yeast infections are bacteria in balances within the vagina. Upsetting this can also cause a serious issue during your ttc stage. If you let the bacteria balance get out of hand you can end up with the most common problem within the vagina called “BV (bacterial vaginosis)”. This condition is caused by altering the natural order of things within the vagina and causing the bacteria “Gardnerella vaginalis” to get out of hand and over grow.

There have also been signs that BV can associate itself with ectopic pregnancy and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Very few women and couples actually understand this, and it’s one of the leading reasons for fertility issues, and yet very few women know they are or could be affected by BV. If you’ve been experiencing a sort of thin milky like discharge that also comes with a strong and rather unpleasant odor, then it’s time to see your doctor. This condition WILL strongly affect your ability to conceive and your fertility. You should also see your doctor right away, but stay calm as this isn’t a very serious condition and can easily be treated with a prescription of antibiotics.

I can’t stress to all you couples and women out there how often these basic issues are overlooked, and become an issue with your conception and pregnancy efforts. There is far more to understand and knowledge to acquire on how to get pregnant faster, so please do read my other articles written on the subject, so that you don’t have to go through years, and years of trial and error.

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