Poster Marketing: What You Must Know Before Your Print

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Posters are perhaps the one marketing piece that is the most visually appealing marketing staple to just about all marketing campaigns. They not only allow you to display your branding on the largest display possible, but they also allow you to reach hundreds of people using a single item. For this reason, posters are not only the best source of advertising to large masses, but also the most convenient since you only need one. We’ve compiled the top four tips below to ensure that your poster stands up to your key demographics.

Color – Make sure you use color to your advantage. Colors are perhaps the most important tool to creating a poster that not only stands out, but also properly displays your branding. As a result consider the composition of your poster and properly place light and dark colors in places that highlight your most important points.

Composition – Make sure that the composition of your poster is balanced. Having an offsetting composition will only detract from your main focal point. As a result try and think of ways to balance the symmetry of it while also highlighting important points. Looking at the poster as complete work of art helps you in determining the value of the overall aesthetic.

Copy – Make sure that there is not too much copy. This can be distracting to your viewer and will take away from your main point. Instead, try to think of ways to delete copy and explain your thoughts through the overall picture. This could be done by a simple overlay on top of your photograph, or even a few short bullet points – 5 words in length.

Images – Make sure that the images you use are large. Having large images will help in drawing attention to your focal point. It will also help in conveying the message you want as quickly as possible. Without smaller competing images, the viewer is left to focus on a one two large images making it clearly explained for just about anybody.

When you are done, make sure that your poster is reviewed by everyone you know. This will not only help in editing future posters, but will also help in other marketing efforts. You will be able to see what does and doesn’t work on your audience as well as pick and choose which style best suits your company.

Melanie Turner is a Business student at Columbia University and employee at 1800 Postcards. She has also been a Researcher at Deloitte Consulting where she worked with expert marketing teams on Fortune 500 clients. As a growing expert in the field of marketing, Melanie aims to provide insights and resources to Small Businesses.

She has worked with top agencies in brochure design projects for Fortune 500 clients. poster holders  are a great marketing tool and there will be more articles to come about how to use them effectively for your business.


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