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Making money online by blogging is not impossible, but it needs some efforts from your side. Lots of blogger start blogging with get-rich-quick mindset and they quit blogging with in a few weeks. To be a successful blogger everyone needs to do hard work and keep patience until you don’t see the result. So, are you ready to start blogging for cash? Here are the useful tips:

You should be passionate about your niche: – The basic need for blogging is you should be a good writer, and for a good writer you should have a great knowledge about your niche (main topic of your blog). Don’t choose a niche only because it has high demand in market. If you choose a niche in which you haven’t any knowledge, you will find trouble in the time of generating content. So, your niche should be familiar with you.

Blogging platforms: – There are lots of blogging platforms on web. Blogger and WordPress WordPress are two most popular blogging platforms. Both are good, but for beginners, Blogger is mush better than WordPress. But in other side WordPress is much SEO friendly than blogger. So, if you have a little experience with internet and HTML code, then start blogging with WordPress, otherwise you should start with blogger.

Keyword research: – Keyword research is much important for being a successful blogger. You must know which keywords are profitable for you. For choosing good keywords you can use Google AdWord Keyword Tool. Type your niche on this; it will bring out 50 to 100 related keywords. Pick out some keywords which have 5,000 to 15,000 global monthly searches, after that put those keywords on and start surfing. You will get knowledge of competition pages for each keyword. Choose a keyword which has good search volume and less competition, and write your articles concerning this keyword.

Generate content: – Generating content is very important in blogging. A blog must have content to be read. Make your own article writing schedule for your blog. Write a few articles in every week. Bear in mind that if you have more articles, then you will have more WebPages. And if you have more WebPages, then it will be easy for your visitor to find you. Normally, more WebPages deliver more search engine traffic. And also if you post more articles on your blog, then it will help you to get higher page rank on Google.

In starting you will get a few difficulties, but remember that persistence is the key to success in blogging. Use these tips and start blogging. Keep blogging until you get success in blogging.

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