• July 19, 2024

Aleksander Ceferin plans to leave UEFA in 2027, despite winning the vote for leadership.

President of UEFA Aleksander Ceferin has announced that he will not seek re-election for a fourth term and will step down in three years’ time. This decision comes despite a vote to change UEFA’s rules to allow him to run again and potentially remain in his role until 2031. Ceferin is due to surpass the 10-year mark when his current tenure ends in 2027, making him the first president to do so. Despite the majority vote in favor of the motion to change the rules, several associations, including England’s Football Association, opposed allowing Ceferin to be re-elected.

Ceferin confirmed his decision, citing the need for fresh leadership and a desire to spend more time with his family after being away for seven years. The change in rules was previously prohibited, limiting a UEFA president to three terms. This change was opposed by six associations, including the FA, who believed that a maximum period of three terms should be upheld for any UEFA exco member to serve. The decision to not seek re-election comes after UEFA’s technical director, Zvonimir Boban, resigned in January, citing the expectation that Ceferin would stay on for another term as a reason for his departure.

In response to Boban’s resignation, Ceferin labeled his stance as a “pathetic cry,” claiming that Boban was aware of his decision and that his resignation would not make sense after the announcement.

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