• July 19, 2024

Danny Murphy selects three matches that will narrow the title race to two teams

Danny Murphy supports a rule change in football where teams would lose a player when their manager is sent off. The change is aimed at adding consequence to the dismissal of a manager during a game.

Murphy also expressed his opinion that Arsenal is unlikely to win the Premier League title due to the challenging fixtures they face against Tottenham, Manchester United, and Brighton. He praised the competitiveness of the league and the pressure it puts on teams like Manchester City.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta also acknowledged the difficulty of the upcoming matches, particularly emphasizing the challenges they will face both at home and away. He highlighted the tough competition in the Premier League and expects a challenging game against Brighton.

Overall, there is a sense of anticipation and acknowledgment of the tough road ahead for Arsenal in their quest for the Premier League title. Both Danny Murphy and Mikel Arteta recognize the competitive nature of the league and the obstacles their team will face in the remaining fixtures.

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