• July 25, 2024

Premier League clubs receive memo from counter-terrorist police after chilling ISIS threat.

The recent threats made by ISIS ahead of the Champions League fixtures have prompted counter-terrorism police to provide guidance to Premier League clubs. Threats were published by media accounts linked to the terrorist group, listing football stadiums across Europe as possible targets. In response, the Premier League clubs involved in this week’s Champions League games have increased security measures, and similar measures could soon follow in the Premier League.

According to reports, counter-terrorism police have offered safety guidance to clubs in England’s top flight. Clubs have been advised to review their security procedures with a focus on readiness and response plans at their home venues and to be alert to any threats. A memo sent to clubs also emphasized the need to report anything suspicious to authorities or security staff.

The police highlighted that the current terrorist threat level is ‘substantial’, indicating a likely attack. Premier League teams are now reportedly conducting internal reviews of their policies and procedures, with a large number of clubs taking steps to ensure they have plans in place to deal with an attack at their home stadium. Following the recent ISIS attack at a concert hall in Russia, many teams were on high alert over the Easter period.

However, police stated that they had a robust plan in place for the Champions League match between Arsenal and Bayern Munich, which took place without incident amidst a heavy police presence. Deputy assistant commissioner Ade Adelekan reassured the public about the policing plan for the match and emphasized the ongoing collaboration with the club’s security team to ensure the match passes peacefully. The UK terrorism threat level remains at ‘substantial’, and authorities continue to work closely with counter-terrorism policing to keep attendees safe.

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