• July 19, 2024

West Ham manager David Moyes addresses star player’s “disruptive” suspensions affecting the team

West Ham boss David Moyes has publicly expressed concern about midfielder Edson Alvarez’s frequent yellow card infractions. Alvarez has already missed several Premier League games this season due to suspensions and is also set to be banned for their upcoming Europa League match against Bayer Leverkusen.

Moyes emphasized that Alvarez’s repeated bookings are negatively impacting the team’s performance and highlighted the importance of having a full squad available. Having accumulated 15 yellow cards this season, Moyes stressed the need for Alvarez to adapt to the intense and fast-paced nature of the Premier League in order to avoid further disciplinary issues.

He voiced his disappointment at losing the player for crucial matches, emphasizing the adverse effect it has had on the team in recent weeks. Moyes made it clear that he will not have a private conversation with Alvarez, as he expects the 26-year-old to display more experience and understand the repercussions of accumulating yellow cards.

The manager acknowledged Alvarez’s significance to the team and expressed his confidence in the player’s ability to grasp the situation without needing further instruction. Despite Alvarez’s pivotal role in the team, Moyes expressed the team’s vulnerability due to his frequent absence and the impact it has had during the ongoing season.

While Alvarez has been a key player in West Ham’s matches, Moyes reiterated the need for him to address the issue to avoid further repercussions.

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