• July 19, 2024

Ryan Reynolds reveals true colors after Wrexham’s promotion to League One.

Wrexham FC celebrated a historic moment as they were promoted to League One after almost 20 years. The achievement was a significant feat for the Welsh team, especially considering the challenges they had faced in recent years, including ownership problems and financial troubles. Thanks to the support and stewardship of Hollywood duo Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, the club experienced a remarkable turnaround, securing back-to-back promotions. The fans expressed their gratitude towards the owners for their generosity, with one supporter, @NeilJamesNige, acknowledging the owners on social media.

Reynolds reciprocated with a heartfelt response, emphasizing the magic of Wrexham and expressing his appreciation for the dedicated supporters. Despite the monumental achievement, manager Phil Parkinson stressed that there are still “more chapters” to be written for Wrexham, highlighting the importance of continued progress and the support provided by the owners. The manager also emphasized the significance of building a strong foundation for the future of the club, particularly through the development of the academy. The resurgence of Wrexham has been a remarkable journey, considering the club’s previous struggles, and they are now looking ahead to competing against renowned teams in League One.

This remarkable achievement symbolizes a new chapter in the history of the club, as they continue to strive for success.

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