• July 19, 2024

Troy Deeney switches careers, enters £160k UK Open Pool Championship

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Troy Deeney has been granted a wildcard to play at the UK Open Pool Championship.

This comes as a surprise after he decided to set aside his football career. The former Watford captain, who was recently sacked as manager of Forest Green Rovers, has been given the opportunity to compete at the £160,000 tournament at the Telford International Centre in May.

Deeney expressed his interest in exploring other sports following his dismissal from Forest Green in January, and has been offered the chance to make his competitive pool debut at the championship. Deeney, who scored 47 goals in 165 Premier League appearances, revealed that this opportunity arose through his existing relationship with Matchroom, and expressed his long-standing interest in pool.

He sees this as an exciting opportunity to engage in a new sport, particularly amidst his transition away from football. Deeney’s fans and followers from his previous football clubs can look forward to seeing how he performs in this new competitive endeavor.

Despite his enjoyment of playing pool, Deeney humbly acknowledged that he was not the best player during his time at Watford, recognizing the strong skills of his former teammates Craig Cathcart and Ben Foster. He also mentioned the challenge of balancing his time between working and playing pool during his football career.

Deeney acknowledges that the transition from football to pool may seem unusual, but he highlights the similarities between the two sports, particularly in terms of the required precision, angles, and understanding. Overall, Deeney’s unexpected participation in the UK Open Pool Championship represents a new and welcome opportunity for the former footballer to pursue his passion for sports in a different arena.

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