• July 19, 2024

Sir Jim Ratcliffe expresses dissatisfaction with Alejandro Garnacho’s behavior as the Man Utd owner.

Garnacho has been a standout performer for the Red Devils this season, with seven goals and three assists in 30 league appearances. After being substituted at halftime during a recent match, the player appeared to express discontent by liking tweets critical of the decision. However, Garnacho later unliked the tweets and the club has stated that the matter has been handled internally.

The team’s new owner, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, is reportedly aware of the incident and is keen on allowing coach Ten Hag to manage club discipline as he sees fit. Ratcliffe is determined to address the team’s discipline issues and put an end to social media leaks ahead of important fixtures. Ratcliffe, upset by the frequency of such incidents, is prioritizing resolving the issue and reinforcing the message that social media should not be used to criticize the club or its personnel.

With a planned overhaul of the team in the upcoming summer, it remains to be seen if Ratcliffe can bring in influential personalities to set the team in the right direction.

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