• July 25, 2024

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder claims players ‘wanted to leave stadium’ during Burnley loss.

Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder has accused some of his players of wanting to leave the stadium before the end of their 4-1 defeat against Burnley. The Blades are at the bottom of the Premier League with 16 points, facing a likely relegation to the Championship. Wilder believes his team’s situation is dire and that they will need a miracle to avoid relegation. During the match, when Sheffield United was trailing, Wilder noticed that some of his players appeared to want to leave the ground, particularly after Burnley scored their fourth goal in the 71st minute.

Wilder expressed his disappointment, stating that such behavior cannot be accepted. He attributed the team’s struggles to a lack of players and the powerful nature of the division. On the other hand, Burnley’s recent resurgence might be too late for their hopes of staying in the Premier League. The team is three points away from safety, with 17th-placed Everton having a game in hand.

Burnley has lost only two of their last eight matches, and head coach Vincent Kompany emphasized the importance of urgency and fearlessness in the league’s tough challenges.

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