• July 19, 2024

Wrexham’s High Wage Bill as Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Celebrate Promotion in Football.

Wrexham has secured back-to-back promotions and will be playing in League One next season. The club’s co-owners, Hollywood duo Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, have invested significantly more in wages compared to their promotion rivals, ensuring their promotion to League One. The ascent to League One is expected to provide Wrexham with a financial boost of approximately £1.6 million, with a significant portion coming from a “solidarity payment” from Premier League clubs. This financial support is aimed at enabling teams to attract high-quality talent with higher price tags.

Despite the attention and investment from Reynolds and McElhenney, the club’s finances present a different picture. Wrexham’s rapid rise has made them one of the highest spenders in their league, with their wage bill increasing by over 70% this season. Midfielder George Evans, the top earner at the club, commands a weekly wage of £7,200, making him one of the division’s most expensive players. Reynolds and McElhenney have expressed their ambitions to continue climbing the league pyramid with the eventual goal of reaching the Premier League.

However, the journey ahead includes navigating through the third tier and then the Championship, where costs escalate significantly. Top clubs in the Championship are known to spend over £1 million a week, almost ten times more than Wrexham’s current expenditure. The successful promotion and the substantial financial investment from the co-owners have generated significant interest, captured in the docuseries “Welcome to Wrexham.” As Wrexham prepares for this new chapter in League One, they are setting their sights on future growth and success in the higher tiers of English football.

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