• July 25, 2024

Manchester United: Erik ten Hag confronts journalists while expressing anger at ‘disgraceful’ remarks.

Erik ten Hag expressed his frustration with the media’s reaction to Manchester United’s dramatic FA Cup semi-final win against Coventry City in a press conference, branding it as a “disgrace.” He defended the team’s achievement of reaching a third final in two seasons, emphasizing that top football is about results and deserving the victory. Ten Hag stated that despite the team’s loss of control for 20 minutes and bad luck resulting in a 3-2 and 3-3 score, they ultimately made it to the final through their efforts and a stroke of luck.

He highlighted the significance of reaching the final, considering it a huge achievement for the team. United’s recent performance in the Premier League, with only one win in the last seven games, has made Champions League qualification nearly impossible. Despite this, ten Hag focused on the team’s achievement and reiterated his disappointment with the media’s reaction.

Overall, ten Hag’s press conference emphasized the team’s accomplishment and his dissatisfaction with the media’s portrayal of the situation.

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