• July 19, 2024

Chelsea might gain advantage over Man Utd if Todd Boehly dismisses Mauricio Pochettino.

This season has been difficult for both Chelsea and United in terms of qualifying for the Champions League. Chelsea fell out of the race early, while United had hopes of finishing in the qualification spots but are now far behind. There are reports that United could target former Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel as a replacement for their current manager. There is also speculation that Tuchel may be open to returning to West London if approached.

Tuchel left Chelsea under strained circumstances, but has expressed his love for the club in a heartfelt letter to the fans. The possibility of Tuchel returning to Chelsea depends on various factors, including the future of Pochettino, whose job at Paris Saint-Germain is believed to be under threat. Should Chelsea be in the market for a new manager, Tuchel is seen as a strong candidate. Overall, the situation regarding Tuchel’s potential return to Chelsea and potential interest from United is uncertain and will depend on various factors.

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