• May 27, 2024

BBC Makes Significant Change with New Match of the Day-Style Show for Midweek Screening

The BBC recently announced that it will start airing Champions League highlights from the upcoming season. The coverage will be available on free-to-air television for the next three seasons, with an expanded format of 36 teams.

Under the new arrangement, clubs will be grouped into one large table, with only eight guaranteed to qualify for the knock-out stages automatically. This represents a significant departure from the traditional format, with the overall number of matches set to rise from 125 to 189.

In a major change for UK fans, TNT Sports will no longer have exclusive rights, and the BBC will now air a package on TV, iPlayer, and online for every European matchweek, showing highlights of the games. This marks the first time the BBC has had access to Champions League coverage, and the Director of Sport, Barbara Slater, described the new deal as a ‘wonderful addition’ to their portfolio.

The contractual agreement with UEFA runs until the end of the 2026/27 season, and the broadcasting deal for those three years is reportedly worth more than £1.4 billion. While the expanded format had raised the prospect of the fifth-placed Premier League team being granted automatic qualification, the poor performance of British sides in European competitions this season led to the Bundesliga being granted an extra place instead.

UEFA confirmed this development following Borussia Dortmund’s win over PSG in their Champions League semi-final first leg. The BBC’s broadcasting of Champions League highlights is set to be a prominent feature in their football output, offering fans the ability to follow the competition through various digital platforms.

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