• July 19, 2024

Man Utd accused of voting against new Premier League rules over ‘doubts about duo’

The spending cap, also known as anchoring, will impose a limit on top teams, restricting them to spending a portion of the TV money received by the bottom club. This limitation applies to transfers, wages, and agent fees, with the objective of maintaining competitiveness in the Premier League and preventing domination by the wealthiest clubs. Three teams, including Manchester United, Villa, and Manchester City, have opposed this measure. Manchester United’s opposition is attributed to concerns about the impact on their competitiveness in Europe, but financial expert Kieran Maguire suggests it may also be related to the development of their rivals.

He points out that even with the spending cap, Premier League clubs could still have a significant budget for each season, allowing them to remain competitive in Europe. Clubs in La Liga have their own cost control rules, but it doesn’t prevent top teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona from competing in Europe. Our community members receive special offers, promotions, and adverts from us and our partners. You are able to unsubscribe at any time.

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