• May 27, 2024

Drunk Jamie Carragher reprimanded on CBS Sports after consuming eight pints at Dortmund.

The broadcast took a turn when it became apparent how much alcohol the pundit had consumed. Carragher and Peter Schmeichel were deployed to conduct post-match interviews in the mixed zone but were warned several times over their noise level. Before interviewing Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho, a merry Carragher revealed that Dortmund fans bought him eight pints and mentioned that he hadn’t eaten since 2:30 pm.

He jokingly acknowledged the possibility that his slurred speech might be due to the lack of food and the eight pints of beer. He also shared his experience of bonding with new friends in the Yellow Wall and contributing financially to the group. During the broadcast, Carragher and Schmeichel were told off by UEFA staff for their noise level and had banter with their in-studio colleagues.

Despite being interrupted, Carragher and Schmeichel continued to banter, with Carragher claiming they were more entertaining and in need of more air time. Schmeichel humorously conveyed his dismay at the situation, stating that he had worked hard to maintain a good relationship with UEFA personnel, only for Carragher’s actions to jeopardize it after indulging in eight pints.

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