• May 27, 2024

Man arrested after linesman assaulted during Welsh non-league football match.

A disturbing incident occurred during a football game, as shown by footage on social media, where a man appeared to punch a linesman to the ground. The assistant referee was seen getting up and walking away, and players from both teams approached the touchline.

The North Wales Police confirmed the arrest of the man involved, stating that he has been placed on bail pending further investigations. Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Gibson urged the public not to speculate or share the circulating footage to avoid prejudicing legal proceedings, emphasizing that the investigations are ongoing.

The North Wales Coast Football Association expressed their concern and commitment to fully investigate the incident, refraining from further comments until the matter is resolved. Noel Mooney, the chief executive of the Welsh FA, condemned the incident, stressing that there is no place for such behavior in football.

The Welsh FA and the North Wales Coast FA also released statements regarding the disciplinary matters, highlighting their involvement in the case. Amlwch Town FC, the home team in the incident, canceled their next fixture as a result of the incident.

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