• July 25, 2024

Chelsea mascot who embarrassed Steven Gerrard played non-league football with former Premier League player.

Eighteen years ago on a Thursday, an incident occurred involving Nickless and Gerrard before a Chelsea versus Liverpool match. Nickless, with spray-dyed blue hair, playfully pranked Liverpool captain Gerrard with a handshake.

Gerrard attempted a high-five, but Nickless playfully placed his thumb on his nose and wagged his fingers. The video of the incident went viral, with various reactions from players and fans.

Gerrard admitted that he would have been upset if an adult had done the prank, but he smiled before the match, which was a rare occurrence for him. In the video, Nickless received a pat on the head from John Terry and was seen being laughed at by other Chelsea players.

It’s revealed that Nickless later pursued a non-league football career and received praise from former Tottenham midfielder Jamie O’Hara for his skills. Nickless briefly played in the National League South for Billericay, but it’s uncertain if he still plays in non-league.

Nickless recalls the incident, mentioning that Gerrard did not speak to him and that John Terry patted him on the head afterward. Claude Makelele and Michael Essien were seen laughing, and Nickless believes most found it funny, except for Gerrard.

The playful incident added a lighthearted moment before the match and received attention on social media, shedding light on Nickless’s talents and causing a humorous memory for those involved.

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