• July 25, 2024

Kobbie Mainoo from Manchester United demonstrates true colors with heartfelt gesture to fan

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Manchester United starlet Kobbie Mainoo responded to a grief-stricken Red Devils fan on social media and invited his family to a match at Old Trafford.

Supporter Daniel Killeen shared the heartbreaking news that his father Vincent had passed away on Sunday after a battle with cancer. Daniel took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to explain that one of his final memories with his father was watching United’s 4-3 win over Wolves together in Vincent’s hospital room.

Mainoo scored a breathtaking 97th-minute winner to rescue all three points and sparked jubilant scenes not only in Molineux’s away end but also with the Killeens. Daniel attempted to get in touch with Mainoo as he explained on X: “Really keen to try and get someone at Man Utd to get this message to Kobbie, so any shares or retweets would be much appreciated.

Sadly my father (Vincent) lost his brave battle against cancer yesterday.” Kobbie Mainoo himself reached out to the Killeen family through the club’s account to make a touching offer.

In a video, Mainoo said: “Hi Daniel, Kobbie here. I saw your message on Twitter and was really touched by your story.

I’m really sorry about the passing of your father… I wanted to invite you and your son to a game soon at Old Trafford.

So we’ll get in touch and get everything sorted. Stay strong and I’ll see you soon.”

United icon Rio Ferdinand was made aware of the post and said that he would pass on the message. That led to Mainoo himself reaching out to the Killeen family through the club’s account to make a touching offer.

Message received, Daniel. We’re so sorry to hear about your father, but take comfort in knowing that his support last Thursday helped us to victory.

Daniel replied: “To everyone at Manchester United and to Kobbie. Thank you so much for responding to our message.

It genuinely means so much to us during such a really difficult time for us as a family.”

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