• July 19, 2024

Mark Clattenburg criticizes Anthony Taylor regarding Liverpool and Forest penalty decisions.

Mark Clattenburg, a former Premier League referee, has criticized Anthony Taylor for his handling of a controversial penalty incident during the match between Nottingham Forest and Newcastle. Clattenburg highlighted the discrepancy in Taylor’s decisions regarding penalty calls for Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. During the Forest vs. Newcastle match, Forest was denied a penalty despite evidence of contact on Taiwo Awoniyi by Newcastle’s goalkeeper.

Clattenburg pointed out that Taylor had awarded a penalty to Liverpool for a similar incident involving the same goalkeeper in a previous match. He emphasized that Forest had a stronger case for a penalty than Liverpool did in their match against Newcastle. Clattenburg also criticized the VAR for not intervening to correct the on-field decision.

He expressed sympathy for the frustrations of Forest fans and questioned the consistency in refereeing decisions. Following the penalty denial, Newcastle scored the winning goal, further intensifying the controversy surrounding the officiating in the Premier League this season. Forest manager Nuno Espirito Santo expressed disappointment and frustration, emphasizing the impact of the non-award of the penalty on the outcome of the match.

The incident has sparked debate and scrutiny over refereeing decisions and the use of VAR in the Premier League, raising concerns about fairness and consistency in officiating.

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