• July 25, 2024

Pochettino may make five signing demands after criticizing transfer policy at Chelsea.

Mauricio Pochettino has openly expressed the need for reinforcements in his squad, emphasizing the importance of balance and experience. He particularly highlighted the need for more seasoned players, pointing out the potential impact on their current position. This has led to speculation about potential signings at the end of the season.

Chelsea’s requirement for a natural striker has been noted, although a significant investment in Victor Osimhen may not be feasible. Pochettino’s previous collaboration with the player has suggested a potential fit in his defensive lineup. Additionally, interest in a Brighton star has emerged, with the player’s attributes making him an appealing option for the team’s left wing.

Pochettino has also indicated a need for a top-quality set-piece taker at Chelsea. This has led to speculation about the potential recruitment of Douglas Luiz from Aston Villa, who possesses the desired set-piece taking ability, combined with significant goal-scoring and playmaking potential.

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