• July 19, 2024

Anthony Taylor’s football team an open secret as ref prepares for Man Utd vs Liverpool

Anthony Taylor has been chosen as the referee for the upcoming match between Manchester United and Liverpool at Old Trafford. His selection has sparked debate due to the fact that he was born in Greater Manchester, leading to concerns about potential bias. However, it has been clarified that Taylor is a supporter of Altrincham, a National League team, and not a fan of either of the Manchester clubs. The president of Altrincham confirmed Taylor’s allegiance to the club and emphasized his passion for lower-tier football.

According to PGMOL regulations, referees are prohibited from officiating matches involving teams they support. Despite this, Taylor is set to referee his fourth Liverpool vs United game, leading to criticism from former referees Mark Halsey and Keith Hackett. They expressed concerns over the potential risks to Taylor’s personal safety and questioned the decision to appoint him for the high-profile fixture. In the past, Taylor has overseen other significant matches between the two clubs, with Liverpool emerging victorious in both encounters.

This track record has added to the discussion surrounding his upcoming refereeing of the upcoming match at Old Trafford.

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