• July 25, 2024

Kyle Walker’s wife advises Lauryn Goodman to steer clear of Euro 2024 football event.

Kyle Walker’s wife, Annie Kilner, has reportedly expressed concerns to friends about Lauryn Goodman attending Euro 2024. Annie is worried that Lauryn’s presence could cause drama and distract from the England national team’s efforts at the tournament.

The Sun claims that Annie is worried about how this could affect England’s chances at the Euros, with her husband Kyle expected to play a key role in the team’s quest for glory. Kyle Walker, a key player for Manchester City, is set to join the England squad aiming to secure their first major trophy since 1966.

His performance will be crucial as he has 82 caps to his name and has played in almost all of the qualifying matches. Despite Lauryn’s intentions to bring her two children to support their father, Annie’s reported comments to a friend suggest she is apprehensive about the potential public spectacle.

Annie expressed to a friend that she is concerned that Lauryn’s public display at the Euros, including potentially posting images of her children wearing England shirts with ‘Daddy’ on the back, will create unnecessary drama and distractions for the team. Annie is focused on her husband’s performance on the pitch and is worried about the gossip off it affecting her and their children.

Annie also expressed concern about the effect of these events on her offspring, mentioning the relentless spotlight and her need for privacy. It was mentioned that in December, Annie was already in disbelief when Walker admitted to fathering another child with Lauryn.

Walker, acknowledging his public figure status, spoke in the media to address his actions, expressing his hope to explain himself and provide privacy for his wife and children.

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